What is Leadership?

A big challenge infront of current IT people is leadership. I can see most of the people in IT resigned the job and join for the study of MBA. Because they are not able to handle people. Also not able to handle Crisis Situations Why it is happening? There is no balancing with technology and management. For this, i can again tell wrong about our education system. Our education system should be vast and balanced one. Then what is leadership?

A leader should lead his team and himself in a active way to achieve a goal.

  • A leader should inspire other.
  • He should influence other
  • He should have a good relationship and trust among the team
  • He motivate his teammates and appriciate when they are doing good.
  • Should communicate properly
  • Give reasonable time to finish
  • Take pressure, don’t split the pressure among the team
  • Always keep a smile on his face
  • He should always target on smart and quick result.
  • He should maintain a good relationship with his higher authorities.
  • Totally keep the team very happy and active

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