Mercury to launch its navigation ‘Black Eagle’ featuring black box

Link : Via AVING

Mercury( launches its navigation device ‘Black Eagle(model: eyestar MD3000)’ in Korea market in late July, which features black box function.

The black box function allows its camera to record video of accident for about 18 seconds(before accident-12 seconds, after – 6 seconds), considering the situation of reaching 1.1G acceleration as an accident. The black box also enables drivers to clarify responsibilities for the accident by offering speed data gotten at the accident.

According to the company, the Black Eagle is focusing more on safety than entertainment function, so it contains sensors for situations like lane changing and traffic congestion.

Adopting Mando’s ‘Mappy United’ map software, the navigation supports POP(picture out picture), PIP(picture in picture) and NIP(navigation in picture). Other features include DMB recording, TV-out and USB 2.0 port.

Suggested price is 589,000(KRW).

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