FailCamp @ Chennai,Last Weekend…

I attended the failcamp last sunday which was held at Tenthplanet Technologies,Annasalai,Chennai. The total experience about the camp is awesome. I really enjoyed the camp as participant. There was no predefined speakers, they made everyone to speak. i was bringing one more friend with me to attend the camp. he was very happy about the camp. The learning and energy level at the camp was very high. I feel, i was refreshed. Also speakers like Srinivasan(PrimePoint),Kiruba,TenthPlanet CEO-Kumaran,Suresh from Orange Scape were rocking the show.It is not like that remaining people were not speak good. But i couldn’t recall their name 🙂
I picked up a proverb from the camp,
“People are not afraid of failures, they are afraid for only insults because of that failure”. Really awesome. Thanks to everyone.

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