Augmented Reality has been the buzzword in town for a while. Retail stores like Nike, and Gucci have started opening their stores in the metaverse, and bands are performing live in the AR studio. But if you want to do any transaction, you still need to come out of the immersive world, enter your credit card details from your wallet, and get back to augmented reality. Why don’t we create a Credit Card for the AR Community and make their lives and businesses easy in the world of the metaverse and immersion? This is a great opportunity for finance organizations to get into the offerings of AR Credit Cards. 

I have created an AR Business Card using Unity/C# and shown how it will look in the real world for your reference.

We can capture the real credit card data using Unity/C# software and save into a database like Vuforia. The features of the credit card are also stored. These features are used by the Vuforia Engine to detect and track the image when it is invoked by AR.

The features of an image are extracted by the Vuforia Engine using a process called image recognition. Image recognition is a technique that identifies objects and scenes in images. The Vuforia Engine uses a variety of algorithms to extract features from images, including:

  • Edge detection: This algorithm identifies the edges in an image.

  • Corner detection: This algorithm identifies the corners in an image.
  • Texture analysis: This algorithm identifies the patterns in an image.

The features extracted from an image are used by the Vuforia Engine to create a unique signature for the image. This signature is then used to compare the image to the images in the database. If the signature of the image matches the signature of an image in the database, then the Vuforia Engine can detect and track the image. Likewise, we can validate the physical credit card image pattern with an already stored digital credit card from the database.

Google Maps recently launched the live view of streets and retail stores.

Image Credit: Business Insider

With AR Credit Cards, banks can overlay additional information on the physical card, such as the current promotion, rewards points, your average spending on this place, etc.

Likewise, people who want to purchase their next Nike shoe or Gucci handbag from Metaverse use the AR Credit Card for a seamless immersive experience rather than switching between the AR world and the physical world as we do today.

There is a lot of business opportunity for the AR Credit Card if some financial institution wants to offer it. Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts on this idea of AR Credit Card

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